Thursday, May 21, 2015

Straight to the center

One of my favorite inspirational authors, Jan Richardson, wrote: "You have looked at so many doors with longing, wondering if your life lay on the other side. For today, choose the door that opens to the inside. Travel the most ancient way of all: the path that leads you to the center of your life. No map but the one you make yourself."

That quote hardly needs an explanation, it seems to me. Especially as we get to the second half of life, these words are so vital: "...choose the door that opens to the inside." For there's really no more important journey than the one that takes us deep into the center of our life, is there? The path that leads straight in to our Source, to our inner navigational system, to the place where we are most truly who we were meant to be—without our costumes, without our masks.

And the map to get there is one we make ourselves. Advice from someone else won't help. The map of another won't help. You and you alone know how to get there and know what to do with what you find there. The choices are yours. Follow the goals and dreams that are in alignment with who you were created to be. Your choices need to be authentic to you.

Go straight to your center—find there the answer to your life question, "Who am I?" Make your own map. You know the way.

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