Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fertilizer & blooms

I love roses. There are so many flowers I enjoy, but roses are simply my favorite. We used to raise them, and I know how much their growth was aided by the cow manure we added to the soil.

I think we aren't so different from those roses—or from any other flower or plant. We are helped in our growth, blooming and transformation by more than a little fertilizer in our lives, too!

When you and I experience difficulties—what we might call the manure or crap in our lives—it just might help to remember not to get mired in it. Depending on what the situation is, we cannot always see that this experience will end up helping us grow and bloom. But generally, if we can keep things in perspective and not get stuck in the manure, those things become the fertilizer that allows us to bloom and grow. It does require some inner work to process what's happened and what it might mean. But the end result is real transformation and beauty in your life.

As I look back over my life, I see that it wasn't the successes and high points that helped me grow so much as it was those things I didn't like experiencing—those things that were, in fact, painful and sometimes downright awful. Does that mean I enjoy going through those difficult times? No, it certainly does not. It does mean, however, that I try to keep in mind that those times are part of the rhythm and cycle of life—that they won't last forever and that, in fact, they might just aid in my growth.

Anything in your life right now that could be fertilizer? Don't get mired in it—just keep on blooming!

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