Friday, May 1, 2015

11 great tips for life

I wish I remembered where I saw this recently. It was a list of truths or advice from seniors to younger people. And I wrote down some of the ideas but, sadly, not the source. Anyway, here's some of what the more mature folks told the younger ones:

• Follow your dreams.
• Let go of what others want you to do; do what you want.
• Be true.
• Be yourself.
• Be honest.
• You are unique; never before has there been a person with your unique look and qualities—and never again will there be.
• Some days it rains; other days the sun shines.
• Keep boring people away.
• Care for others.
• Enjoy yourself.
• Slow down; there's more to life than picking up speed.

There's so much in this list. One could spend a long time discussing each item. And you don't have to be young to need to hear these tips. I'm taking them to heart. What about you? Anything here that speaks to you?

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