Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Objects that bring joy

Several of us already have done it. Some are in the process. Yet others of us are thinking about doing it soon. And, of course, there are always those for whom it hasn't become a pressing issue yet. And there are even those who really fear doing this.

I'm talking about decluttering. Cleaning out. Shedding some of our possessions. Letting go. Downsizing. Some of our "stuff" simply needs to be tossed. Much of it probably can be given to an organization that will sell it, using the proceeds for a good cause. Still other items might be given to family members because they contain some sentimental (or real) value. And some we'll keep. It's a matter of choices.

A friend of mine recently said she'd heard a question that might help in that decision-making process. As you look at each item in your house and consider whether you use it or not, also ask: "Does this item bring me joy?" If it isn't being used, hasn't been used for quite some time and does not bring you joy, perhaps it's time to re-gift it, sell it or even toss it.

I like that image: things in a home that are either functional and used or a source of joy! Wow, that's fascinating. I'm going to remember that question as I go through objects in my possession, which I do from time to time. "Does it bring me joy?"

Ever tried that? What's your experience with decluttering and letting go? Please share with us in the Comment Box if you would. 

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