Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pay attention to beauty

I talk a lot on these blogs about living in gratitude, about savoring the moments of our days. Most of us lead active and busy lives, so that's not an easy thing to do, is it? We get on a roll with our activities and just keep moving from one task to the other, perhaps even grumbling as we go. Sound familiar?

I know what it takes for me to try live in gratitude—even part of the time. I need to just stop my train of thought, stop my frantic activity and pay attention. Pay attention, even if just momentarily, to the wonderful smell of my morning coffee. To its delicious hazelnut taste (yes, that's one of my favorite flavors, and, yes, I'm a flavored-coffee aficionado—about which my fiance teases me, saying it's not real coffee). Pay attention to the play of sunlight on the prisms of glass in my window. Pay attention and really listen to the music on the CD I have playing. Pay attention to the photos of my nine precious grandchildren scattered around the house—and really think about the special times I enjoy with them. Pay attention to all the other special people in my life and what blessings they are.

When I stop the Sonia-with-a-too-highly-developed-work-ethic and really look at and listen to the wonder and beauty all around me, I am grateful. My heart is overflowing. And then I can resume my activities with a very different frame of mind. Then I can access the Sonia-who-savors-life-and-its-blessings. Both of those Sonias are there. I just need to stop the one occasionally to let the other one out!

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