Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Walking in beauty

Turn on the news—you'll hear lots of negativity as stories of murder and mayhem unfold. Listen to everyday conversations in your workplace or in the mall—you'll hear lots of complaints and negativity. Plenty of times we hear it coming from our own mouths, too. Right?

So the other day when I came across what's called the Navajo "Beauty Way Prayer," I was enchanted. I like this a lot. I like its focus on beauty, for truly we are surrounded by lots of beauty. What we see often depends on where our focus is. So why not focus on beauty?

There are a few variations on this prayer, but they're all fairly similar:

"Today may I walk out in beauty.
"With beauty may I walk.
"With beauty before me, may I walk.
"With beauty behind me, may I walk.
"With beauty above me, may I walk.
"With beauty below me, may I walk.
"With beauty around me, may I walk.
"It is finished in beauty.
"It is finished in beauty."

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