Friday, January 1, 2016

A fresh start

Happy New Year! It's a brand new year—a time to start fresh. A brand new, empty slate. Isn't that exciting?

What will you leave behind as you enter this new year? Is there old baggage you want to leave behind? Old resentments, beliefs and fears? Grudges and unforgiven hurts?

And what wisdom and learnings do you want to bring with you to help you on your journey into the new year? What friends and relationships will be important to your journey this year? Be sure to nourish and maintain those connections that are important to you. Like precious plants and flowers, they need to be tended and nourished.

I just had an interesting experience yesterday. I finished reading my Mark Nepo daybook (for the second year in a row) and noticed that he thanked Melody Beattie for one of her daybooks as an inspiration. I knew I had one of hers on my bookshelf, so I plucked it from the shelf and started reading in her January selections. One of the first things I read was about having lived in her head for so long and now wanting to connect with her heart. Bingo! That really spoke to me. It has seemed for a while that I need to do this as part of learning to be more vulnerable and learning to drop my Wonder Woman costume! The name of her book? Journey to the Heart. Yup, just what I need right now.

Funny how that works. This book appeared on my screen just when I needed it. So here's to fresh starts and new beginnings for us all!

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