Monday, January 18, 2016

Practice gratitude & compassion

It's probably no surprise to you that your emotions affect your immune system. Studies show that when you experience positive emotions, your immune system is stimulated. Attitude really does make a difference.

What does that mean about the anger, resentments and fear that come up in our lives from time to time? It doesn't mean avoiding those emotions or suppressing them. Our bodies know what emotions are being experienced even when the mind won't acknowledge them. And people who push down their negative emotions actually raise their risk of cancer, ulcers and other physical ailments.

The answer is to deal with those emotions head-on and right away. And then, as quickly as you are able to do so, let go of them. Move on to gratitude and compassion as quickly as you can. Don't ignore the negative emotions. Deal with them and then dump them like hot coals. And if you've been practicing gratitude and compassion regularly, it'll be easier to let go of the anger and resentments once you've handled the situation. You won't be as tempted to hang onto those negative emotions.

Today is a good day to start with gratitude and compassion. Right now, off the top of your head, tick off five to 10 things for which you're thankful. And look with compassion on those people who come into your life the rest of the day. Keep practicing. Soon it will be your go-to mode, and you'll spend less time in anger and fear. Doesn't that sound better? And healthier?

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