Friday, January 22, 2016

Share comfort

Comfort. I use the word, but I confess I don't think a lot about what it might mean to my life. But yesterday I read these words by inspirational writer Melody Beattie: "Open your heart to receive comfort. Learn to give it, too. Comfort touches and heals our souls. Take it with you like a favorite blanket wherever you go."

Perhaps it was the blanket reference. But suddenly, I had a visceral reaction to the world. It was more than just a word. I could feel what comfort meant.

Have you thought much about it? In lives that are so busy and stressful, in a world that's filled with violence, anger and situations that raise our fear level, isn't it wonderful to think of receiving comfort—and giving comfort to someone else? It's healing. It touches our souls. It can bring light and warmth into our hearts, which may have become cold and closed off because of all the things around us.

Like a warm blanket (or a comforter!), we can take comfort with us wherever we go—enjoying its benefits ourselves and sharing it with others. The world could use more of this, I think. What do you think?

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