Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Focus less on hurts

It's true that hurting people hurt others. Have you noticed that in yourself too? When you've been badly hurt by someone or a situation has caused you great pain, and you're stewing in the juices of anger and resentment, it's so easy to lash out at others—to be impatient and unforgiving and to hurt them.

Yesterday we talked about how unhealthy it is for us to suppress our negative emotions. It's better for our immune systems and our health to deal immediately with situations that stir up anger and resentment and then to let those negative emotions go. We risk our own well-being and health when we carry around all those negative emotions or when we stuff them down.

And here's the other piece of that: We also hurt others. And it's often the people we least want to hurt. They're the ones who are right there, handy victims for our anger, right?

Again, spend more time looking for life's blessings and gifts. They're always there. Several times a day, express gratitude for everything in your life. When you do that, you'll notice even more good things for which to be grateful. That's where your attention will go. And you won't be as apt to dwell on a remark someone made or on something else that hurt you. Your heart will be more open to others and you'll respond to them in compassion.

Try it. See what a difference it can make.

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