Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sharing strength

Years ago I remember learning that the giant, majestic redwood trees we all admire really have extremely shallow root systems. I was so surprised to think that a 350-foot-tall tree would have such shallow roots, often only five or six feet deep. Not much for that height, is it? How do they withstand high winds and floods?

Do you know what makes up for the shallow roots? Redwood tree roots extend far out from the trunk, and redwoods cluster together in thick groves. That means the roots intertwine; some even fuse together, thus giving these tall, enormous trees a strength they would not otherwise have.

The redwoods contain some lessons for us: We are stronger when we can share roots, as it were—when we group together and share the journey. We can help each other carry the burdens, and we can celebrate the blessings with each other, too.

The image of the redwoods brings to mind the saying, "Friendship divides our grief and doubles our joy." Yes. We don't have to walk this journey all alone. It's so much easier when our "roots intertwine" and we can share our strength. That's how we survive—and thrive!

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