Friday, May 6, 2016

Choose to be centered

Much is said and written these days about the importance of staying centered and grounded. And I do agree, it is important. It is so easy to get off-center and off-kilter because of the crazy schedules and lifestyles most of us keep. It's easy, too, to let the behavior of others affect how centered we remain. That's when we need to remind ourselves that we can make a choice to not let others' behavior change how we feel or how we act.

There are many ways to get centered: meditation, prayer, yoga, walks in nature, or whatever helps you clear your head and rid your body of toxins that may have settled inside because of angry drivers or an abusive boss.

The book I mentioned the other day, The Magic of Conflict by Thomas F. Crum, has some important things to say about the choice to be centered. It says, "Being centered: allows you to be more authentic, sensitive, and open; produces emotional and physical stability; has a positive effect on relationships and the surrounding environment; has great impact in developing trust; brings you to a point of clarity, the point of power; and is always your choice, at any time."

I think we could add many more benefits, too. But that's surely a good start—and some good reasons to develop and maintain those practices that center us. Let's do it!

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