Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This is your moment. Savor it.

My to-do list is longer than I'd like right now. And some of the items on it come with deadlines that are approaching more quickly than I'd like. In fact, I'm concentrating today on one 3,000-word piece I need to write and that is only beginning to form in my mind. Yikes, I am really feeling the pressure.

Because of this, I'm not feeling my usual inspiration for writing today's blog. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

It occurs to me, however, that this isn't altogether bad. Perhaps you can use the time you would normally use reading my blog to instead reflect on what's going on for you right now. What are you feeling? Thinking? Worrying about? Longing for?

And what do you need to do about any of those things? Any changes needed? Or do you simply need to stop and appreciate what you have right now?

White space on a page is important. We would be put off by words that went from top to bottom and from the left margin all the way to the right margin. We all need some white space in our lives, too—time to think, time to savor what's right there in front of us, time to be awake and aware of the present moment. That's what I'm offering you right now. Use it however you wish.

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  1. I guess we could say white space is an "open door." :)