Friday, May 27, 2016

How's your energy level?

As you think about all the people in your life—particularly those who are an important part of your daily life—are most of them people who enhance your life and give you energy? Do they invigorate you? Or do they deplete and drain you?

One always hopes that you have more people in your life who make you feel better, open your heart and make you come alive rather than those who suck away your energy and make you feel negative and worn out.

As you think about this, think also about your own attitudes. Are you staying positive? Are you encouraging and affirming of others? Or do you rain on your partner's or friend's parade when he or she has a new idea or wants to try something different?

Check your own attitude. And check those of the people around you. If you want to have energy and be happy and positive, start with your own attitude. And don't let others steal your peace, either. Sometimes it's a matter of tuning out the negative messages of others. And other times, we really need to just walk away from a conversation that's a real downer. And at yet other times, we may even have to leave a friendship that drags us down regularly.

Do an energy audit and see how you fare. It's important to your happiness.

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