Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Advice from a butterfly

Because butterflies are part of the theme of my Way2Grow Coaching practice, I just had to buy the purple (my favorite color) tee shirt I found at a botanic garden shop last weekend.

The shirt pictured beautiful monarch butterflies on flowers and contained these words:

"Advice from a butterfly: Let your true colors show. Get out of your cocoon. Take yourself lightly. Look for the sweetness in life. Take time to smell the flowers. Catch a breeze. We can't all be monarchs!"

Each one of those sentences is good advice and offers a lot upon which to reflect. I could really spend a day's blog on each one. But I just leave it for you to see how this might speak to your own life. I know the shirt's message speaks to mine ... and it may take me a while to unpack it.

And just for fun, I'll give you the website in case you're interested in this shirt or any one of the other products offering advice from a butterfly, a tree, a cat, a dog and many more: It's called Your True Nature. Simply click on that link to see how much we can learn from nature!

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