Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Healthy minds help healing

All of us should tend to our emotional well-being. It can make such a difference to our quality of life and to how we handle the everyday stresses of living.

But if you or a loved one lives with chronic pain, illness or a medical condition, it's especially important to maintain a positive and healthy attitude. When our bodies are fighting off illness or dealing with pain, they may not have the needed strength to also fight off the negative effects of stress. So it is especially important to do all we can to stay positive.

Mind you, that doesn't mean denying the situation. Rather, it means full acceptance of the situation with the realization that you have the ability to manage your mental health and emotions in ways that can promote healing and well-being.

Talk with others or with a trusted medical professional, counselor or life coach. Journal your negative feelings or fears to get them outside of your body. Engage in positive activities you enjoy. Surround yourself with happy, positive people. Be sure you get enough rest and sleep, eat healthy foods and take good care of yourself. All of these things can help you maintain a good attitude. And we know the mind exerts a lot of power over the body. It's what creates a positive placebo effect in medicine. No doubt we've all known people who faced serious illness with a positive and hopeful attitude, and it contributed to their healing.

Remember, your emotional health is ever so important. Do your best to stay healthy.

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