Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let go of worry

Here are some eye-opening statistics about worry: The average adult spends 1 hour and 50 minutes each day fretting about something. And 2 out of 5 people say they worry every day.

Worry is hard on our hearts and brains. Anxiety increases risk for heart attack, and worry may boost our risk for Alzheimer's disease. Plus worry can interfere with our memory. It does take a toll. We all know that it doesn't help a thing. I confess that I worry, even though I know it's a total waste of time. But I want to do less of it!

I just saw some ideas to reduce worry:

• Keep regular sleep hours. Don't be a night owl.
• Do yoga. It's calming.
• Meditation increases mindfulness and can reduce worry and anxiety.
• Foster a belief in a higher power.
• Express gratitude at least once a day.
• Schedule quiet time, even if only 5 minutes a day. Get away from your phone and other noise.
• Lay off sugar and processed foods. They increase anxiety.
• Tidy up your space. Clutter can cause anxiety.

If you still find yourself worrying too much, grab a pen and write down solutions in a brainstorming session. Or set aside a certain time of the day to think about worries. When the time is up, let go of them.

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