Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Acts of kindness

If you were asked who makes a difference in the lives of others—you, former South African President Nelson Mandela or Oprah Winfrey, how would you answer?

Chances are that you would not pick yourself. But chances also are that a correct response would be: All of the above.

Don't underestimate what you do with your life. You may not be famous. You may not have millions or even thousands of dollars to give away to others. You may not be a household name. But I'm going to guess that you do things large and small every day that make a difference for others.

Sometimes those acts of kindness are done for family or friends, and sometimes they're done for complete strangers.

Either way, don't you feel good about doing such things afterward? Perhaps it would brighten your day if you just pause now and remember some of the things you've done recently. Let yourself feel good about it! C'mon, it's really okay to let yourself feel good about your actions. Celebrate you!

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