Monday, February 13, 2017

Who do you appreciate?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. About 150 million cards are exchanged each year, so it's the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. While it's lovely to have a day each year dedicated to telling those we love that we do love them, let's hope we don't limit those expressions to one day! The same is true of Thanksgiving, of course: One hopes we give thanks every day.

And let's hope we don't limit it to just one significant other. Or to our immediate family. Our kids. Our grandkids. Now might be a good time to stop and reflect on all those people you really do value and appreciate in your life. Cast the net as widely as you can. For it's not only close family and friends who deserve to be told how much we love and appreciate them. It truly does take a village to get each of us through this journey we call life. And our pathways are strewn with so many unsung heroes.

Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to at least use this time to tell some of those people in our lives how much they do mean to us, what they add to our lives and why we're grateful for them.

Who might be on your list?

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