Friday, February 10, 2017

How can you stay positive?

So many people have told me these past several weeks that it's difficult for them to shake their fears and anxieties. There is still such a war of words and ideas all around us. So much is changing so quickly. So it's understandable that fears are heightened and difficult to push down. I feel that way myself many days.

Although I want to be an informed citizen, some days I simply have to say, "Enough. I can't hear any more news, good, bad or otherwise!" Take a little break to ground yourself again if you feel that way from time to time.

Here are some tips that I'm trying to follow myself to keep positive in the face of all the fear and negativity:

• Engage in good self care. Get enough sleep, eat well, exercise.
• Begin each day in gratitude. Think of even just three things for which you're grateful as you awaken.
• End the day in gratitude, too. Go to sleep with good thoughts of three things for which you're grateful from that day.
• Decide what you can control and do that. Try to let go of what's completely out of your control. If you don't like something happening in the U.S. Congress, you can't control that. However, you can call your representatives and register your concerns. That is within your control.
• Stay connected to whatever support systems you have. It's so important when anxiety threatens to drag you down. We do need each other.
• Try to remember the long view—a year from now, two years, five years.
• Continue whatever practices have helped you in the past: quiet time, meditation, yoga or other grounding exercises.

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