Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Maybe it wasn't an accident

On a cold December day as I was cleaning house in preparation for Christmas guests, my doorbell rang. At first I paid scant attention since I assumed it was a package delivery. But the doorbell rang again several times. I found one of my neighbors at the door with no coat and with slippers on her feet. She said she was really embarrassed but she'd accidentally locked herself out of her house (with no key and no cell phone) and needed to use my phone to call a locksmith. Of course, I welcomed her in and offered her my phone. The locksmith couldn't come for 1-1/2 hours. So we had a delightful chance to get acquainted—more than the waves or the "Hi" at the mailboxes. (And I got a break from cleaning!)

Because of that accidental lockout, Carol has now invited me to join a women's group that meets once a month to discuss issues important to women of a certain age. I attended a couple weeks ago and am delighted to be part of this group. Because of Carol, too, I have been introduced to a wonderful senior activity center only a mile away—that, oddly, I knew nothing about even though I've lived here more than 15 years! That center has more exercise classes, outings and activities than I could ever imagine. How did I not know about it before?

Don't you just love when things like this happen? I felt awful for Carol that day, but she and I both agreed it opened a wonderful door for us both to get acquainted. And now I am taking yoga classes and looking at other options—plus I'm hooked into a new support group of women. Pay attention. Keep your eyes open—you never know when some new doors will open and some delightful surprises will occur.

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