Monday, August 19, 2013

Lifting those spirits

I don't know what it's like where you live these days. But in my area, the days have been just beautiful. It makes me want to go outside, stand in the middle of my yard, and raise my arms to the sky in sheer joy. Maybe I should do just that!

I do stop my work frequently and just listen to the birds with their impromptu choruses during the day. And I look out at the sky with its huge, fluffy clouds. When I can take a break in my work, I go for a walk.

These small moments of savoring what's around me always lift my spirits. They also ground me and connect me more deeply to the earth. And when that happens, I am in a zone—a zone that makes me more creative, more open-hearted and generous with people around me, more relaxed and, if I want to be, more productive.

What feeds you? Are you getting those things for yourself? Remember to nourish and nurture your self. It isn't selfish to engage in self-care, and it's not against the law to experience pleasure and enjoy life. Go ahead, do something sweet for yourself today!

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