Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm OK right where I am

Not long ago someone asked me to what age I would like to return if I could choose to go back in time. Several women were part of the conversation, and some threw out an age they really loved and to which they longed to return.

I didn't even think 10 seconds before I answered, "I wouldn't change the age I am. I like being just where I am now." I answered straight from the heart, without giving any real thought to the question. I have thought about it since that day, however.

What I realize is that—finally—I'm really comfortable in my own skin. Yes, that skin has some wrinkles now. Even brown spots. A few sags here and there—not so firm and supple as it used to be. But then I used to worry much more about how I appeared to others, what they would think of me, about saying the right thing, and so much more. I worried about my weight, my hair, my clothes. Good grief, the pressure on us as women to be perfect. It was all a bit much. Really.

I still care how I look. But I'm perfectly fine with not looking 50. I'm not! I don't worry much now about doing things right. No more trying to be the perfect mother, grandmother, life coach, journalist or anything else. I know I'm doing the best I can, and that's fine.This is a good place to be. A very good place. It's an authentic place!

How about you? Are you happy where you are? Do you like who you are? Are you comfortable in your own skin? If not, what would it take for you to reach that point? Contact me if you'd like to have a conversation about this. I always offer complimentary strategy sessions.

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