Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Small gifts of kindness

What acts of kindness have you done for others today?

Recently I was asked to come up with five acts that I would commit to do in one day. I needed to say for whom I was doing this kindness and what my act was. The activity was part of the particular track I was then taking on the Happify website about which I told you some time back (when I was asked to pioneer that website's activities all designed to make us as users aware of our ability to choose happiness and to be grateful for what we have).

What a fascinating exercise. I spent some time thinking about who in my life really needed some extra loving at that point. Who could use a "random act of kindness" and who else needed an encouraging boost?

Look around you today. Is there someone who's going through a tough patch right now and could use a telephone call—or perhaps a card of encouragement (hand-written, of course!)? Or is there a loved one whose face could use a huge smile by some kind act you might perform?

I really love the idea of this exercise—and plan to use it on myself from time to time. I always feel happy when I can bring joy to someone else's life. Even when we're knee-deep working on our own issues and problems—perhaps especially when we're doing that, it's great to take out time to think about little things we can do for others.

Why not commit to a small list of people and kindnesses today? It's a small act that yields huge amounts of joy!

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