Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surprises of love and healing

Family can be ours because of bloodlines. And sometimes family can be chosen, someone we come to love because of deep friendship bonds that grow between us. Those relationships can carry gifts for us that we never imagined.

Last week I borrowed a movie from my library that I hadn't seen when it came out in 2000, but which had been highly recommended by dear friends of mine. I'm so glad I watched it. The movie, Finding Forrester, illustrated the deep connections that can form between two completely unrelated people. In this case, in fact, the two people were the most unlikely pair: a black teen from the Bronx and an aging author-turned-recluse who never left his apartment.

As the story unfolded, I watched the growing friendship between the two—a friendship that ended up bringing healing and new life to both the teen and the aging author. It was sometimes rocky and sometimes tender. But what a beautiful progression.

The movie is a reminder to me to be open to surprises—and to love, friendship and healing in unexpected places. I don't know in what ways a person in my life may bring insights to me that I need to hear or may bring out a side of me that needs development and nurturing. I do know I want to be open to that. I don't want to miss such gifts.

What unexpected gifts have you received from a source you hadn't imagined?

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