Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time to take my own advice

I just had cataract surgery on Monday. My aunt tells me I'm much too young to be having it, but I think such things are no respecter of age!

Before my surgery, I found myself much more anxious and nervous than I typically am. It bothered me at first because I'm more accustomed to taking things in stride. And then I remembered all the tips I give clients and that I put into these blogs and recalled that I'm also speaking to myself! I talk often about ways to stay grounded and to flex with things that come our way. And I know you've heard me say more than once: Face (and feel) your fear and do what you need to do anyway.

So I took my own advice and did some deep breathing. I read from some of my favorite inspirational books. I prayed. I reached out to family and friends.

And do you know what? It all helped! Funny about that, isn't it?

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