Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vulnerable and authentic

This past year I've been intentionally working on being more vulnerable. I know I've written about that in blogs several times. I've spent my life as a strong woman "leaping tall buildings in a single bound, landing backwards and in high heels," as they say. While that's helped me through a lot of difficult life situations, it's not so good for connections and loving relationships. It can also be exhausting.

Recently I heard researcher, storyteller and writer Brene Brown speak of vulnerability as "the birthplace of joy and creativity." She speaks of it as the courage to be ourselves. "Let go of who you think you should be," she says, "and be who you really are."

I'm trying, I'm trying. I want to be strong in a different way—not necessarily by carrying around my shield of protection when I think I'll be hurt. But I want to be open and loving, even if means I do get hurt.

What's your experience of vulnerability? Perhaps it's easier for you than me. Part of that comes from my being an Enneagram 8, and part of it comes from my life experiences. But here's the wonderful part: I get to choose now.

Life really is a lot about choices, even though we think we're simply carried along on life's streams, bobbing about randomly. Choice. Vulnerability. Authenticity. These are some of the themes I'm going to carry into the new year. What about you? What themes are you carrying into 2014?

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