Monday, December 30, 2013

An opportunity for awareness awaits

Do you make New Year's resolutions? Or do you set an intention for how you want to live your life in the coming year? Or perhaps making choices about how you transition through change and live your life is an ongoing process for you.

No matter what your style, I encourage you to be awake and aware. Life can be so much richer when you and I don't sleep-walk through it. Look around you. Savor small moments. Live in gratitude not just for the big things of life but for small blessings as well. The new year offers many opportunities to live a life of awareness.

Choices, choices. Again, you and I have a choice of how we live our lives. We can live out of our own container of love and gratitude. We can live with an open heart and open mind. We can put our gifts out into the world—and experience lives filled with joy and happiness even while we serve others in a way that offers joy and happiness to them, too. Go for it!

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