Thursday, December 19, 2013

Candles and chocolate

This is the first morning in more than a week when I have no appointments or activities and in which I had no baking projects (I'm writing my Thursday blog on Wednesday). So I've been savoring two of the birthday gifts I got this week: Lady Godiva chocolate truffle coffee (oh, yes!) and a lovely jasmine, lily of the valley and rose-scented candle. It's so wonderful to just spend several minutes relaxing and savoring both those things—flavored coffee and scented candles are two of my personal favorites.

It really takes so little sometimes, doesn't it, to bring us joy and to calm and relax us? As much as I've been enjoying baking for loved ones and the season's activities, I also had been looking forward to this morning of a more open schedule. Whew, a breather in the midst of the busyness.

You likely have your own equivalent of flavored coffee and a scented candle. Take a few moments if you can to just stop and enjoy whatever it is that will bring you joy and calm—whatever is your particular version of self-care. And remember, it isn't just the big things in life that need savoring. These small moments can brighten our day and lighten our step. And that has a ripple effect extending out to anyone with whom we interact.

What can you do today? Or tomorrow?

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