Monday, December 2, 2013

Only one of you

There is no one else quite like you in the entire world—no one with your unique characteristics and gifts, no one called to do exactly what you do in the way you do it.

Isn't that absolutely incredible and amazing to think about? Only one of you. The mold was broken when you were made. Not another person on the planet exactly like you.

Even if you're a twin, you are not the same as that other person in every respect. Nor have you been given the same work to do in this world.

Several years ago I heard psychiatrist and author Jean Shinoda Bolen speak at a women's conference in Mobile, Alabama. She invited each of us to think of what our "assignment" on this planet was. "You each came with an assignment to do something specific," she told us, "and you've been given the gifts to accomplish that assignment." She sees her assignment as a "message carrier." On her website, here's what she says about assignments: "As one phase of life shifts into the next, energy becomes free to take on something that is personally meaningful, fun, creative and motivated by love—my definition of 'assignment.'"

I don't believe Bolen means that there's only one job or career that's right for us. What I recall her telling us at the conference is that "assignment" should be seen in a much broader sense. Personally, I think you can bring your passion and your gifts to more than one job (and surely also to volunteer positions) that is "personally meaningful, fun, creative and motivated by love." For example, I see myself as an encourager. So no matter what career I'm in or for which organization I volunteer, I will motivate others and encourage them. It's just what I do.

What's your assignment? What's authentic for you? Celebrate your uniqueness—and bring your gifts and passions into the world in a creative way that's just right for you. It will bring you joy, and the ripple effect will be amazing!

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