Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The power of love

What if love is more than a concept? What if it's something that we are? Something we live?

How would our lives be different if we believed that? And lived it?

Would we be more generous? Lit up and passionate? Open to others—even perhaps those with whom we think we have little or nothing in common? Would be remain more calm and serene in the face of daily little irritations—to say nothing of the large life circumstances that tie us in knots? Would our words be healing rather than divisive and cutting? Would we be less negative?

We are told that there's incredible power in love. Perhaps life is all about simply surrendering to that power, letting it fill us so that we actually are love. We are also told that compassion cures more ills than condemnation. And that makes complete sense, doesn't it?

How do we "simply surrender" to the power of love? I think a large amount of letting go is required first, don't you? Let go of anger. Fear. Resentments. Old beliefs that no longer are helpful. Negative attitudes. Old emotional baggage. Unresolved grief. And sometimes even toxic friends and situations. And let tears flow if you need to because tears moisten and soften the heart. Then perhaps love can settle in our hearts and very bones. And, surprisingly, we'll meet love in ever so many places ourselves! It's catchy, you know!

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