Monday, April 14, 2014

Love the possibilities

Recently I read a list of points titled "Honoring Ourselves." One in particular caught my eye.

"To honor the self is to be in love with our own life, in love with our possibilities of growth and for experiencing joy, in love with the process of discovery and of exploring our distinctive human potential." Just reading that sentence delighted and energized me. Does it do the same for you?

What would it look like to "be in love with our own life"? "In love with our possibilities of growth"? "In love with the process of discovery"?

I have a strong sense of energy and movement when I think about these things. Growth and development hold such potential and are lifelong journeys. You and I know we are absolutely unique. There is not now nor ever will be another you on this planet. You have unique gifts to bring to the world. So when you love your life, love all your possibilities for growth and love the discovery of who you really are and where you are going, you are honoring that person you were created to be. That means, too, that we dishonor that creation when we don't become all we can.

I have been in stuck places before where I've not felt those possibilities and that love. And I've needed help to get unstuck. I also know how much joy I feel when I move past that and get on with the process of discovery and growth.

Where are you today?

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