Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The small stuff

So much is said about not sweating the small stuff, isn't it? And that phrase surely does make a good point. It's not helpful to daily living when we get hung up on every little thing that comes our way. We need to choose our battles, and we need to keep a perspective.

However, when we run into snags in our relationships, isn't it often a collection of the small things that hooks us? She cuts us off when we talk. He leaves drawers and doors open just a tad. She one-ups me every time I share an experience. He reads the newspaper at the table. And on and on the list goes. After a while, those small things add up and drive us nuts.

We tend to deal with the big things—address them and find solutions. But we let the small things build up and build up until the steam is coming out of our heads or the volcano erupts.

It's all about awareness. Pay attention to those small things. Either decide they're really not important enough to focus on—or if they really are important to you, find a kind way to discuss it with your partner, friend or child. See whether you can find solutions together. And if those small things are not important, then let go! And really let go and focus on the things you love about that other person. The point is to not let these small things build up until they can sidetrack your relationship.

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