Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tend to wounds

I've heard it said that if everyone in the world got massages, there would be no wars. Perhaps it sounds simplistic, but there's a point to be taken there.

If each of us would engage in self-care, tending to whatever wounds we've suffered in the past and present, getting the healing care we need from whatever resources we can, no doubt we would wound each other far less. It doesn't matter whether the wounds are physical, emotional or spiritual; wounds are wounds. If we tended to them, we would likely be more compassionate, loving and forgiving ... because we would feel better. We'd feel better about ourselves, about life, and by extension, about others.

Of course, we know that the unfortunate fact is that the world contains many people who live daily in violence and the grind of poverty and hunger. Wellness isn't high on their priority list. Each in our own way, perhaps we can be part of solutions that will reduce those numbers and help those in need.

In our own lives, however, we do have more choices. Is there something in your life that needs healing? Could you benefit from the care of a healing touch practitioner, a reflexologist, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a psychologist, a life coach, or some additional resources from your primary care doctor? I encourage you to tend to whatever hurts in your life, to wherever you're stuck. You don't have to stay there. Self-love, self-care, self-compassion—those aren't just good for you. They're good for all those around you. And for the world. As always, please contact me should you wish to discuss this.

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