Monday, December 7, 2015

Go with the flow

Last week one of my inspirational readings asked me to identify the biggest obstacle in my life at present—and asked from what it was keeping me. The reading invited me to see obstacles in a new way.

First of all, I was asked to question whether what I perceive as an obstacle really is an obstacle. And second, I was invited to not expend large amounts of energy fighting or struggling against the obstacle. Rather, a different option might be to step aside from the obstacle and see the larger picture of where I am in the stream of life, moving with it—going with the flow.

I have to think about that one. I think I get in my own way much of the time, perhaps more than that outside forces are my obstacles. My own pattern of being strong and wearing a Wonder Woman cape gets in the way of being vulnerable. Perhaps I can find a way to lay the cape down and simply see where I go by just relaxing into life's flow, if that makes any sense. Maybe I'm struggling too hard to get this vulnerability thing right!

What's your biggest obstacle? What are you doing about it? Is there a different way to think about it? I'd love to hear your ideas on this. I'm a work in progress. Maybe you are, too. And that's OK.

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