Monday, December 14, 2015

Let go of the guilt

Do you feel guilty when you take time for yourself? When you take time to just "be"? Or time to take a nap? Or read a book—gasp, in the middle of the day?!

Most of us grew up with an extremely strong work ethic. This can be a good thing, right? We've been productive and focused for so long. It's gotten us through so much—careers, perhaps raising families, volunteer opportunities and just plain getting daily tasks done.

But does it have to be either/or? If you actually take time out to luxuriate in just being, does that mean you're a slacker? Hardly. If you take a nap, does that mean you're lazy? No.

I still deal with some guilt over these things. In my head, I know this is crazy ... and I need to let up on myself. I need to let my inner "drill sergeant" move from being boss to simply being an employee! I need to move another aspect of myself to the head of my inner table—the Sonia who isn't into either/or thinking but into both/and thinking. I can be productive AND I can take time to just "be" and to luxuriate in that. And I need to let go of the guilt that still lurks.

How about you?

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