Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A challenge in these pre-election days

The political rhetoric these days is so offensive and hateful. It's really harmful to one's well-being and peace of mind to read any of the reports or listen to any coverage of debates and the insult-hurling that takes place between debates as well. Most of these remarks and insults appeal to our basest self and are about as inspirational as a front-row seat in a gladiator ring.

Here's what I think: The rest of us have our work cut out for us. It's time to lift the rhetoric to a higher level, at least in our own small circles and wherever we call community. We most definitely do not want to be filled with the toxins that are flying around, and we don't want to be part of spreading them ourselves either. I so want to believe that we are really better than this.

So I'm throwing out a challenge—for myself as well as for you. Let's see if we can refrain from joining the snarky and offensive conversations going on these days—and see whether we can lift to a higher plane any conversations of which we're part. We can still talk politics but at a policy level. We can talk about what really matters to people, about what this country really wants to be. How do we want to be described as a people? How do we want to treat others? What should our stance in the world be? What's needed now?

Ready for the challenge? I hope those of you who know me well will call me on it when I fall into snarky rhetoric. We just may need support to do this as it feels upstream right now!

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