Friday, March 18, 2016

Blessings, not curses

We're all surrounded by vitriol these days, it seems. Angry tirades against one or more of the political candidates. Insults traded by the candidates themselves. Drivers cutting each other off and making nasty hand gestures on the roads we travel. Water-cooler conversations in the workplace that are less than polite and supportive. Angry exchanges with family members and friends.

What if we offer each other a blessing or a benediction instead of yet one more angry comment? We can offer blessings silently—or we might even say them aloud in a group or to an individual. There are lots of options for blessings. Here's one I like:

Go forth into the world in peace. Encourage one another and support one another.
May you have enough pain to keep you sensitive and enough health to keep you going.
May you have enough failure to keep you humble and enough success to keep you eager.
May you have enough doubt to keep you inquisitive and enough faith to keep you steady.
Go in peace. Live with freedom.

Here's another: May you be joyful. May your happiness increase. May you not be separated from great happiness. May your good fortune and the causes for your joy and happiness increase.

You can come up with your own blessings. Offering them will change you. Guaranteed. 

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