Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's cluttering your mind and heart?

Spring isn't just a time to declutter and clean houses. It's also a good time to think about those things that clutter our minds and hearts—and get rid of what needs to go.

Yesterday I made a decision that has lightened my load today. It was such a simple decision—and only required a couple keystrokes on my computer.

Because what goes into our minds can clutter up our inner life and mess with our emotions, I find it essential to pay attention to what's inspiring, what's toxic, what will help me stay positive and what drags me down into negativity. One of my Facebook "friends" had been posting several negative comments lately, some bordering on quite offensive. But yesterday he really crossed what's a line for me. The comment went around and around inside my head, really bothering me until I put up my own comment on his page saying that I didn't find it funny to joke about brutality, murder and violence directed toward protesters at political rallies.

Still later, as I thought about how such comments and interactions clutter my mind, heart and soul with negativity, I decided to "unfriend" this person on Facebook. My action hurt no one. But it freed up space inside me to focus instead on what's good in the world. Mind you, we can't hide from what's not good (here I'm thinking of the heartbreaking news yesterday of terrorism in Brussels). But we can shut out some of the negatives. Turn off the violent TV shows. Unfriend Facebook users who cross lines that we have a right to keep in place. And there are so many other ways to declutter our insides, too.

Ask yourself: "What can I change or let go so I can focus more on that which inspires and uplifts me?" Make more room for peace in your heart today.

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