Friday, March 25, 2016

Choosing life

A book I was reading for inspiration threw out a good question this week to ponder. It seems especially relevant now after yet another terrorist attack in Europe and with daily reports of murders, bombings and refugees fleeing war-torn countries trying to find safety for themselves and their families. And that's not even to mention all the mass murders we have in this country on a regular basis.

Then we have the books and TV shows in which violence and murder play a central role. And in U.S. TV shows, at least, nothing is left to the imagination. Everything is pretty graphic. In many ways, it doesn't seem a far cry from the days in which gladiators fought to the death or lions were set loose on prisoners as a stadium of people watched.

The question is this: What does it take to choose life in a world that so often chooses violence and death? In reminds me of an Old Testament verse found in Deuteronomy 30: "...I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life...." (verse 19).

What would it mean to choose life? I suspect it's not a once-and-done decision, right? We may have to make that choice over and over and over. And some days, perhaps we don't make that choice. And how does that feel?

I'm still thinking about the question. What would you answer?

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