Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Set fear aside

It's no secret to any of us, I'm sure, that there's a lot of fear "out there" these days. We can hear it in the political rhetoric and see it in protests and interactions from the local to the national and international level. No doubt we can see it in our own decision-making and that of others, too.

And it's no wonder. Truly, there's plenty about which to be fearful. The economy still has many people scared as they continue to feel the effects of what's been called a recession—and many people fear still more recessions ahead. Then there's the threat of terrorism, that from afar as well as home-grown. And family break-downs, job losses, illnesses and so much more keep people awake at night, too.

It's really understandable. The problem is, however, that when we're all tied in knots with fear, we aren't at our creative best. We can't come up with our best solutions for how to move forward. In fact, some people can't even really move forward at all because fear can be immobilizing. In addition, it's really an awful way to live, isn't it?

Let's see whether, without losing our grip on reality, we can set fear aside and try to live in hope and gratitude instead. Let's try to start each day in gratitude for all the gifts and blessings we do have. Let's look for the hope rather than focusing on the negatives that induce fear. Ready to try it?

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