Tuesday, June 7, 2016

7 Principles of self-care

Today I flipped over a bookmark I'd been using for one of the inspirational books I'm currently reading. I was delighted to find there the 7 principles of self-care for wellness by Janet Mentgen, founder of the Healing Touch program.

They are:
1. Physical clearing (taking care of your body)
2. Emotional clearing (expressing your emotions, both joy and pain)
3. Mental clearing (creating new habits)
4. Sacred space (creating a sacred space for yourself at home)
5. Experience silence (finding time for quiet and meditation)
6. Holy leisure (balancing and restoring yourself through leisure)
7. Holy relationships (committing to yourself and others).

Perhaps these sound simple. But I think it's more difficult than it might seem to commit to doing all these things. Each one sounds so important to well-being, doesn't it?

I plan to take stock and see what I need to tweak in my life for these 7 things to happen. Wellness and self-care are important, and I commit to them. How about you?

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