Monday, June 27, 2016

Practice compassion

It's not just the massacres and mass shootings. It's the economy. It's the political scene. It's all the violence and wars globally and here in our country. So much these days raises our fear and anxiety levels to new heights.

So how do we counteract that? No doubt, you have some tried-and-true methods that work for you. We all have go-to practices for those times when we feel overwhelmed by fear, anger or anxiety.

My take on this is that we should do everything possible to avoid getting caught up in the hatred and anger. It doesn't help. It only digs us deeper down into the pit.

Rather than worrying about who's to blame, perhaps we might all be better served and be more serene if we practice compassion—compassion toward all people. Start with yourself: Be compassionate toward yourself for whatever you're feeling. Spread that compassion in all directions. Counteract the negativity you see, whether it's inside you or around you. And be willing to look at yourself and ask questions: How can I be healthier? More loving? How can I have a more positive attitude? Are there things in me that need healing so that I don't harm others? Even if we wouldn't pick up an AR-15 and shoot into a crowd, perhaps our unhealed hurts are harming others as we lash out. Heal your hurts and find those things for which you are grateful. Such things can go a long way toward counteracting the anger and hatred surrounding us today.

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