Friday, June 3, 2016

A Celtic blessing for you

Every day the news is filled with more sad stories. Refugees from Syria crossing the water in leaky boats. And from Libya. More people killed in Iraq. In Afghanistan. Threatening actions by North Korea.

Shootings in Chicago. A child falling into the Cincinnati Zoo area of a 450-pound silverback gorilla—and people venting anger on the parents after the gorilla had to be put to death. Political candidates hurling comments back and forth as the election season drags on and on.

It's difficult to stay calm and serene, to keep one's grounding in the face of all this news. And we haven't even mentioned whatever personal stresses we face in our daily lives.

So when I came across a Celtic blessing the other day, I latched on to it immediately. I offer it to you here, too. It's suggested that you use an index finger to draw a circle around yourself and then repeat this:

Circle me, O God, keep hope within, despair without.
Circle me, O God, keep peace within, keep turmoil out.
Circle me, O God, keep calm within, keep storms without.
Circle me, O God, keep strength within, keep weakness out.

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