Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily soul-feeding

You and I require food and water on a daily basis. Typically, this isn't something we're likely to forget to do. Eating is a well-established habit.

I don't know about you, but I also require inspiration on a daily basis—soul feeding. My spirit is fed when I read inspirational readings and observe my quiet time each day. Sometimes those readings are from a book, and sometimes they come in the form of online blogs. Often I accompany that time with entries into one of my journals so I can process and reflect on what I've read. I've nourished this practice for many years and it's become habit.

I sometimes sign up for blogs or inspirational writings to be sent to my email inbox. Other times I need to bookmark a website that I want to visit regularly for my care and feeding. If I don't bookmark the website, it's easy to forget it's there.

If you like the blogs you read each weekday on my website, I encourage you to bookmark my blog page. I don't email these to you because I think your inbox might fill up rapidly enough without yet another blog. (I do email my once-a-month ezine, however, so if you want to receive that, please sign up from any page of my website. I don't sell my email list, and I send you nothing but my monthly e-newsletter.)

Because I don't push out my blogs to your inbox, I would be delighted if you take five minutes from your day to read them online. I would be especially happy if you leave a comment from time to time in the box below so we can enjoy the synergy of good women's conversation. Again, let me assure you that your email address won't show up, and it won't get used in any way. You may sign your name or sign in as "anonymous." Your voice is important, so please join the conversation. And don't forget to bookmark my blog page.

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