Thursday, December 6, 2012

I haven't been accountable

Yesterday I talked about the idea of a "thimble list" and shared some things on mine. This past Monday I talked about accountability.

Today I need to combine those two because I haven't done so well in the accountability department. I created my thimble list several months ago and tucked it away, forgetting about it until I came across the electronic file on my computer recently. Clearly, I haven't put it out where it's visible (like the task chart I used to put on the refrigerator when my sons were small) so I can remember that these are the things I want to do regularly to savor life.

So ... I just printed out a copy on a beautiful piece of paper that is now posted on the wall next to my glider in my meditation space. Now I will be able to see what I've written and remember, if not daily, at least on a more regular basis to do those things that bring more joy into my life—and, therefore, into the lives of others around me as well. ... because isn't joy infectious and don't its ripples go way beyond the space we fill?

I no longer remember what product was being advertised but one TV ad I always liked (and I'm not a fan of TV ads) showed a person doing a kind deed for someone and that person in turn doing a random act of kindness for someone she or he came across ... and on and on the kindness went, each person passing it along.

When I savor and enjoy my life, I'm much more generous-hearted and open to all those who cross my path regularly. Isn't that worth it? I just needed to pay attention to what I encouraged you to do!

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