Monday, December 24, 2012

Humility doesn't mean a bad self-image

No doubt all of us know someone who is extremely good at accepting blame and pointing out their flaws but who cannot accept praise or list any of their gifts or accomplishments. Maybe it's even you.

I certainly have experienced that in my life, too. When I was a younger woman, I recall being stymied when in workshops, I'd be asked to list 5 to 10 good things about myself. Are you kidding me? I would think. Ask me to list that same number of negatives, however, and I'd have that list done in record time.

Through the years, however, I've worked hard to recognize and appreciate the positive attributes I have—and the accomplishments. Many of us have to get past some of the early messages we received about being humble. "Pride goeth before a fall." If I heard that once, not just at home but in church and in the broader society, I heard it a thousand times. I began to see the way such messages set me up, and I set out to change my inner dialogue.

Having a good self-image isn't about undue pride. It's a healthy stance. If you do have a good self-image, that's wonderful. If you don't, however, and would like to work on that, please contact me. A healthy self-image is a good foundation for solid relationships and for career success. It's essential to a joy-filled life. Know that it is possible to change how you see yourself. Make 2013 the year you give yourself that gift, if you don't already feel good about who you are.

May contentment, joy and peace be among the gifts you receive this season. 

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