Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peace and joy to you

Today many of you are with family and friends (friends can be called "chosen family," you know!). If you are not, I hope you have some memories of times when you were. I hope for each one of you a deep and abiding sense of being loved and being imbued with good qualities—and I wish you peace and joy at this time of year and always.

For those of you who are feeling blue, I offer you something given to me years and years ago during a particularly tough time:

"In times of sorrow, JOY is a seed of hope. In times of loneliness, JOY is a single ray of light. In times of success, JOY is an avalanche of flowers, giggles, songs and hugs.... Its value is the same on the mountaintop or at the depths of the canyon."

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