Monday, December 17, 2012

Doing cocoon-time

Last week at a pre-Christmas women's event, I heard an inspirational speaker: a woman who became blind at age 15 and who now through books and presentations shares her story and her transition from self-pity to a life of joy. She speaks of the illness that caused her blindness as "a difficult gift."

Whether you call it a gift or not, are there things in your life that have been especially difficult challenges and which now mark a real turning point for you? Do you have a story (or two or three) of transformation in your life? I consider the divorce I went through years ago one of those moments. I have also had two huge job disappointments and been Reduced In Force. I don't necessarily want to experience any of those things again. But I see now that each of those experiences and the growth and transformation produced by them has contributed to who and what I am today. I am grateful for the lessons learned, difficult as they were.

I think of the lowly caterpillar crawling along on its belly every day, never imagining that some day it could soar as a beautiful butterfly. It can't do so, however, without doing some serious cocoon-time!

You and I have cocoon-times, too, when we need to go quiet and process what's just happened to us—so we are ready for the transformation that can come.

If you would like help making your way from here to there—transitioning through just such a difficult time, please contact me. We can begin with a complimentary, absolutely no-obligation strategy session.

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