Thursday, February 27, 2014

Face days in gratitude

How often do you head off into your day with the determination to embrace it for what it is? Or you jump out of bed with gratitude in your heart? Wouldn't it be a great way to live? There's no reason you and I can't at least try to have more days that start like that.

One of my sons told me about a 2013 movie he and his family had just stumbled across as they reviewed their TV listings to see what was available for rent. They really liked this movie. It was a real "upper" for everyone. Sure enough, I found it on my listings, too, and settled in to watch it a couple nights ago. I wasn't disappointed. I ended up going to bed with a smile on my face—and awoke the next morning with joy in my heart.

The movie included time travel for a father and adult son. But that really wasn't the point of the movie. The movie's real message, in addition to encouraging us all to savor relationships, is to live in the present—one day at a time—and embrace each day for what it is.

At one point the father gives the son a two-part plan to enjoy his life. Part I: Go through each day just as it plays out. That's complete with disappointments, stresses and all. Part II: Relive the day and embrace it for what it is. See the day with a positive focus. In that second frame of mind, he allows himself to really experience the joy, the giddiness, and all the feelings that come with his experiences. He ends up feeling so much more upbeat.

And in the end, the son says how much he's learning to relish every wonderful moment he has in life.

That's something I can sign on to! By the way, the movie is called About Time. I highly recommend it. Check your local library or TV listings.

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